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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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minus six in winnipeg plus seven in chicago. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. or is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you u.k. has to address or if you join us on saturday i'm a member of the complex plane but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm sorry say than this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes tough talk from saudi arabia as it accuses iran of what could be an act of war and takes aim at lebanon. north korea's take six test of a nuclear device and its missiles launchers are a threat not only to the people of south korea but to the people all across our globe. donald trump warns the u.s. is prepared to use military force against north korea opens the door for talks to. the vice president has consistently. and persistently. exhibited traits. of disloyalty. zimbabwe's president fires his number two the latest twist in a succession battle. from ancient manuscripts to lego bricks carter unveils the
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future of libraries borrowing the best from the past. now saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salomon is accusing iran of what could be an act of war by supplying houthi rebels in yemen with a missile that was fired at riyadh it's the latest development amid escalating tension in the region saudi air defense forces intercepted the ballistic missile on saturday although the who the rebels claimed responsibility saudi leaders say the weapons were supplied by iran iran back to thieves are warning that saudi and u.s. airports are within firing range and could be the next targets saudi arabia is also taking aim at lebanon accusing its government of declaring war against the riyadh it says acts of aggression have been committed by the lebanon based group hezbollah which is backed by iran lebanon's prime minister sadly how do we who resigned on
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saturday was in the united arab emirates for talks he's now reportedly heading back to saudi arabia so holder has more from beirut. some analysts are even saying that to these statements by saudi officials a number of saudi officials are unprecedented and they're analyzing this as a declaration of war against eleven on telling levanon lebanese leaders need to choose between peace or terror in other words telling them not to cooperate or deal with hezbollah now hezbollah of course is a party that has an armed wing its arms has always been a source of contention in lebanon its forces are fighting alongside the syrian president bashar al assad but hezbollah is also a political party it has members in government it has members in parliament it has allies it has supporters here so telling lebanese leaders to choose between a terror and and peace really so people are concerned and some statements are even saying there are those who will stop hezbollah and make them return to the caves of
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southern lebanon so very tough rhetoric in fact threatening lebanon but not saying or stopping short of saying what action they are going to take it is clear that saudi arabia is not going to accept hezbollah in the government but what else are they going to ask for this crisis to be resolved are they going to ask for hezbollah's arms to be disarmed president to be disarmed that is definitely not going to happen and hezbollah is not going to accept that. their job is a visiting fellow at the brookings doha center he's also an associate at the harvard kennedy school iran project if you like he joins us here at the studios good to have you with us and so you look at the saudi rhetoric a direct military aggression they say an act of war is iran deliberately escalating the conflict by helping them to target riyadh as the narrative from saudi arabia goes and first of all we don't know if you know how much iran was involved and to do with iraq could miss on a tank on riyadh and secondly i think the main story is the quest for consultation
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of power of moment been sold in saudi arabia for now the iranian reactions have been quite moderate not. interested in escalation the next phase of this will be a scenario in which we'll regularly see the target as they're saying saudi and even u.a.e. airports in the future i mean that would be a bit of a game changer for this conflict wouldn't it actually there was this headline by iran's hard line newspaper. and the next target of two who things would be debate but this hard line was heavily criticized inside iran there was the media monitoring institution that condemned it and the government even was condemned but nevertheless you know as an analyst you think that this will happen. if i don't think that this will happen although i mean it is premature to say anything clearly because there are global and regional rivalries that are playing out right now
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indeed and talking about those regional rivalries why saudi arabia regarding lebanon as a government at war with saudi arabia i mean is that a sign of the saudi perspective that they've got hezbollah simply has too much influence in the government in the country right now. i mean there are harsh words coming from saudi arabia against hezbollah are on the other hand but what might be more certain as other developments going on in the region is that israel as fans planning a war in lebanon against hezbollah so this is and there is a coordination obviously between the saudi an israeli sides. so what do you do do you think we'll see a situation which the saudis are preparing for a further marginalization or an attempt to marginalize i should say hezbollah in lebanon and perhaps push them out of the government and so on i mean there was certainly interested in doing that but the political leaders also unsure about the whereabouts of how do you his resignation according to iranian sources this has
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something to do with the yemeni issue because one day prior to having to his resignation he met with the supreme iranian supreme leaders chief foreign policy adviser advisor. and according to sources close to him as reported by iranian media harry went there and. delivered a saudi message that iran should stop its support for the who thiis which iran denied because of that this is the iranian reading of it. was forced by the saudis to step down the next day although there's a lot of strong rhetoric going on from the saudis right now when you look at the regional balance of power is it really more iran which is the more successful in pushing its influence in the region and there's clearly no doubt the. recently over the past few months and even years iran has had the upper hand in the region geopolitics and now there is a new drive by the saudis in coordination with some circles in washington to create
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a containment policy views of iran and also the saudi working though does if you look at iraq you look at yemen and i mean the saudi influence seems to be the problem is that the anti iran forces do not have a clear strategy there are signs that there is a saudi iraqi political push man this this will be beneficial to iraq because it can diversify its relations between saudi arabia and iran but we are what we're going to see is an intensification of the iranian saudi had to monica arrive in the region and this is for sure but by proxy wars not by direct action. cannot be a good thing for the region all right thanks so much for coming in thanks for your thoughts on that we mere of course has written a letter to parliament calling for the unity of the country in the face of current tension in the region the government resigned last week to get more now from the touch of a name in kuwait city you will get into domestic issues and know there's a lot going there as we hinted at in the intro natasha first of all you know i was just talking
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a moment ago with our analyst here in the studio and i'm wondering whether it is beginning to feel some of those some of that tension from the regional fallout there. in the sort of messaging we're getting from quite a leadership. well no doubt the it is these have been a frenetic few days and the impact is reverberating across the region you could also look at the emir's message as a call meaning influence amidst the didn't as you said he's calling for national unity denouncing hatred and warning that not only are these dangerous times in the gulf and the region but here at home he's asking members of parliament to help fortify the country and support whatever security measures might be implemented to protect kuwait when the moment we are fully aware of the threats around us and we are fully aware of our geographic location and the dangerous situation in the region i am sure that the kuwaiti people are aware and fully supportive of our political leadership backing our security agencies and value the national unity.
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the emir's call for unity is in stark contrast c.m.e. to the fiery rhetoric we've been hearing from saudi arabia since saturday as you know that's when a ballistic missile was fired into their country from the who these in yemen as we know saudi is leading a coalition fighting the who these in the war in yemen and it also comes at a time when the gulf cooperation council crisis is in its fifth month you recall that saudi arabia the u.a.e. and two other countries have imposed a blockade against qatar accusing it of enabling terrorism qatar of course denies that and says what this is really about is a threat to its sovereignty but kuwait has stepped in as it did in two thousand and fourteen to try to mediate an end to the crisis president trump has invited all the parties to camp david to talk qatar's emir of course has said that he is ready and
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willing he wants to put an end to this crisis but things appear to be at a stalemate as far as that's concerned and the domestic through the whole situation that has been the most stable either lately has it. you know as you mentioned c.m.e. on october thirtieth the prime minister in the government resigned due to concerns about possible corruption in some of the ministries here this is the second government shakeup so far this year in kuwait there was one in february now the prime minister has been tasked with forming a new government there's no timeline as to how quickly that will happen but the emir is message today might also be a signal to the parliament that this cannot be a protracted crisis especially at such an uncertain time thanks so much untouchable named. donald trump says the u.s. and its allies are prepared to use military action against north korea but he's
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open to negotiations to end its nuclear weapons program trumpeting meetings out of korea's leader in seoul where he said the two men were on the same page on north korea he's on the second leg of his maiden tour of asia tony but he joins us now from seoul so how some of the messaging going down there in salt. well i think it's going according to plan and we did have some concerns before president trump came here that perhaps his stand on north korea and the stand of president moon of the south korean leader a bit different but they've come together they are on the same page at least publicly and the visit is going quite well i think president trump has come out with some strong language he said that north korea was a worldwide threat that required worldwide action but he was also a little bit more measured in what he had to say compared to his earlier rhetoric in august a fire and fury speech and so forth he said that should come to the negotiating table they should make a deal and he said there were some progress along those lines but he didn't
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elaborate so that's pretty good also he's quite happy because he says he's got the south koreans to a gripe agreed to by billions of dollars worth of military weapons and equipment so for him his first day here which was which was part potentially a bit tentative because of the possible ramifications of some response from north korea has gone quite well as we saw today. donald trump arriving in south korea on the second and perhaps most delicate leg of his asia tour it brought him to within forty eight kilometers of the border with north korea following his war of words with its leader kim jong un there were fears president trumps presence would provoke some sort of response he described north korea as a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action but his tone was more measured than in the past and he called for p.r. nyang to come to the negotiating table he said all of the little tools will be used short of military action but he also stressed america's military capability. all
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nations must implement un security council regulations and cease trade and business entirely with north korea it is unacceptable that nations would help to arm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be south korean president moon jay in said the time was too early to talk to the north but promised a bright future if it gave up its nuclear and missile programs. of the united states has strong sanctions on north korea and i think it will have an effective impact and with china joining the united states it will bring force to the sanctions on north korea with all these international diplomatic policies i think
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when there are changes being made it will bring north korea back to the negotiating table trump is the first u.s. president in twenty five years to be treated to a state visit with the first since ronald reagan not to visit the demilitarized zone the border with north korea instead he went by helicopter to count home for his the largest u.s. base in south korea he later spoke of the close relationship between the two countries but all that we've built in the decades since our soldiers sacrifice side by side in the struggle for freedom our alliances more important than ever to peace and security on the korean peninsula and across the in the pacific region. thousands of pro trump supporters lined the streets of seoul all those who oppose the u.s. president were kept corralled behind police buses south korea's liberal government is pulling out all the stops to make this visit a success they know they can afford to alienate president. states.
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depends on a good relationship have a joint news conference trump announced that south korea wants to buy billions of dollars worth of military equipment from the u.s. which would help offset the trade deficit between the two countries and a five year old free trade agreement will be renegotiated trampin. first lady milan you were greeted by children and a korean pop star at the blue house and later had what's known as a friendship walk through the gardens with president moon and his wife the day ended with a defiant threat from north korea reaffirming its resolve to strengthen its nuclear power rhetoric but no action so far so good the transfer stayed south korea. and then i wondering how these sort of message of resetting trade relations between the u.s. and its asian allies is also going down. i think people realize they're very pragmatic here that they realize that was the way things were
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heading i think things have been pretty much agreed before president trump and come because the announcement came fairly quickly into the start of his visit. japan is now it's trade for security seems to be the issue because it a very strong position and basically he promised in his pre-election campaign that he was going to be jobs and money back to america that's what he's doing and he's picking two fairly easy targets in japan and south korea both of which need the united states for its defense big debates going on at the moment that both these countries should take more of a role in their own defenses especially in japan so president trump has sold a lot of weapons he's made some money he's reduce the trade deficit which will hit him was very important and for the people the domestic audience back in the united states that very much is a result for him i think now he goes on to china on wednesday and he will be seeking to get assurances from the chinese that they will do more to try and get a resolution to the north korean crisis and also he'll be looking to russia so
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there's still lots of work to be done but it seems that today in seoul president trump has been quite happy with the way things have gone right tony berkeley there thanks so much. claymore still ahead on the news. we speak to those living in a disputed area in northern iraq which continues to be a source of tension between the kurds and the baghdad government. with climate change causing more floods and storms the netherland this showing how it is better than cure and the strain is most famous horse race is dominated by one irish family will be here with that story. the united nations has called for an end to what it says is a catastrophic blockade on yemen fuel prices increased by over sixty percent and
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cooking gas prices doubled all of that after saudi arabia cut all aid access to the country the un says it's looking at whether the closure constitutes unlawful collective punishment diplomatic editor jane space has more. the humanitarian situation in yemen is one of the grey vista in the world it's so bad a child under the age of five dies in the country every ten minutes from causes that should be preventable twenty million people out of a population estimated at twenty seven million are in need of humanitarian assistance but it appears for now all international aid is being cut saudi arabia has announced it's completely blockading the country cutting all air sea and land links its reaction to a missile fired towards riyadh by the who these who control a large part of yemen including the capital sanaa to u.n.
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flights into the country have already been blocked and we're trying to see whether we can get our normal access restored and we're hopeful that we will be able to continue our normal operations we once more. underscore to all parties the need for regular humanitarian access to all parts of yemen that are in need when the u.n. says it's hopeful its aid can soon resume that's only based on the fact that the saudi's current blockade is said to be temporary when you look at the words the u.n. is using it's clear they're treading carefully the reality is that saudi arabia has been making restrictions on the aid medicine and food allowed into yemen for years after facing turmoil conflict and an ongoing cholera epidemic the conditions in yemen can only be described as dire and they look set to worsen even further jamesburg jazeera at the united nations. as an independent freelance
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yemeni journalist and founder and editor in chief of some out review the magazine she joins us now from washington d.c. good to have you with us it's already a desperate humanitarian situation by all accounts in yemen how do you think that if this closing of all of yemen's airports and seaports as we know it goes into some long term situation all that mean for the country this means that sentence to all yemenis i think even before this to look at yemen where it's also in another almost. you know. corner a lot of entries put it all when one year and not me reading like extremely impossible and packed it all aspects of life so this you know the seventy's decision with the talk and locate will definitely kill on yemen it used to be a small death put millions and young and poor but now it will pass that. i say that
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before and i need to repeat it again. i think. it is and you know that makes its people really feel and more i think makes them react realize how humans. nothing and it's really difficult to imagine what a complete. lie under such a blockade and how the word three d. printing to acknowledge that the situation is beyond tragedy it's such a shame on you but don't. you think that feeling of abandonment is a whole alleviated by the sort of signs or rumblings we had in the u.n. lately towards an investigation or encounter ability process. you mean you tired of just words they need an action even though there are a lot of statements were you can see and so want but there is nothing on reality or
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on the ground that has changed except that life has become even worse and harsher. you know beside the locate it's been also all but one yet since the civil servants millions of civil servants they haven't been paid their salaries and they lack the you know the pressure pressures power to you know keep up with that the skyrocketing prices so while only on on the ground life is just as difficult and harsh and statements haven't been translated into concrete action on the ground before and also thanks so much zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has fired one of his two deputies imus and them on guard well was seen as one of the leading contenders to become his successor mugabe's wife grace now appears to be the front runner ninety three year old mugabe has been president for almost forty years.
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is live for us in so he's long been the number two has long been an ally of the president was the official reasoning for why he's being let go now. people are waiting for him to react in some way shape or form on the streets of the capital harare is business as usual it was no secret people knew that prism of god and his wife grace had fallen out with him as a man and god i was surprised a lot of people is how soon how quickly he was fired as the vice president the papers are trying to explain to us about what happened the state run papers saying that he was sacked because one of the reasons is because he was disloyal the private papers are looking ahead so to speak talking about a purge that may be coming already in some of the provinces some senior officials are lying to him isn't and gaza has been sacked from some of their roles in the
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provinces it's not the first time that the president has sat one of his deputies in twenty fourteen he fired joyously juden who was the vice president at that time she since left the party and formed her own opposition party as my words are used to that's what shocked them is that people speculated that it was the man and i was powerful he had the army behind and had a lot of support for the environment here people didn't think that we would dare by him now that he has people are waiting to see what minute i was next move is going to be. this being seen as all part of a succession battle at the end of the day. absolutely it's all about succession mugabe's ninety three years old zimbabweans even those who are still afraid to openly talk about it are thinking about islam by way after mugabe when he's gone who is going to succeed him already in some of the provinces the endorsing grace mugabe as vice president is on the p.f.
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you say they want her to be one the vice president. the women's the very powerful only which grayson gabi heads also say they want her to take over as vice president of the course of her to be the v.p. a one of them is getting louder and louder and louder because the key concern now is that when and where has been fired as the v.p. but he still very much and if we figure within zanu p.f. people are wondering what is mr mix not going to be he's known here or nicknamed as the crocodile because he's believed to be ruthless he takes his time he circles his prey and then he's silent for a while and then he attacks people are wondering what that move is going to be if he's going to speak at all we only heard a few hours ago some youth who supported him they came out to say they felt that grayson guy was influencing a husband they feel them a god is treating zani here and zimbabwe as their own personal kingdom the own personal dynasty they aren't happy about it and they're saying that in a couple of days they could be more reaction to this but what's clear is are you
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saying that stand by perhaps in a couple of days a couple of weeks presumably may fire went on from the party which could indicate the rabid fear him as a very real threat all right thanks so much of their. time for the weather i'll weigh in the stormy mediterranean with rob we are still circulating big thing which had some of the characteristics of hurricane can you believe in the western med that is and it is zoom into it you can see very clearly it's a massive cloud swirling around here in the western med center new tyranny in sea was massive cloud now it's been talking in some cold air on its northern flank has been getting colder and colder but it's been sitting more as far as it is so it's been throwing rain wind and snow at all sorts of places snow in particular has been there is what has been the first proper snow of the season for mary from switzerland back into france passes all trial a bit lower down across austria and towards southern germany as well now this is
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all very pretty when it first starts of course in the season but that's just the snowy bit there are other bits to this this is it whizzing round turning in c. is here just the west of italy i said the winds were strong we've seen a strong normally when low down the wrong valley and we've had gusts of one hundred twenty three kilometers per hour stronger at height eighty centimeters of snow fell in slovenia this is two and a half thousand meters up admitted but that's eighty centimeters in one day that is of course notice near sea level it's rain eighty three meters in split and indeed it is the croatian coast in particular that is seeing the worst the weather at the moment the winds will continue for another twenty four hours and snow will fall quite a long way north overnight tonight sunny. thanks so much for still ahead on al-jazeera more bad news for refugees still inside a former prison camp up a new guinea plus install the n.b.a. points right hold that could save the sons from the.
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sure. and inspiration. passing. stories of people who have keeping the spirit of freedom alive. by courageously defending their rights to be hugged. as disappointed but maybe get the fuck out is there a selects at this time. and
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. with every. time to recap our headlines now saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin is accusing iran of what could be an act of war he's blaming iran for supplying yemen's hoofy rebels with a missile which was fired at riyadh saudi air defense forces intercepted the weapon on saturday saudi arabia is also taking aim at lebanon saying it will be dealt with as a government that declared war against riyadh lebanon's prime minister sad that how do you think blamed iran has to be stabilizing the region how do you do it was
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signed while in the saudi capital on saturday. donald trump says the u.s. and its allies are prepared to use military action against north korea but is open to negotiations to end. nuclear weapons program trump has been discussing the issue with south korea's leader in seoul. iraqi forces with the help of have retaken most of the disputed territories in iraq that the kurds have controlled since they pushed eisel out a cease fire now remains in place as kurdish officials in the central government try to agree on how to move forward but a few towns in the province still remain under kurdish control stephanie decker reports from one of them. nestled into the mountain on the northern end of the plains lies. a small christian town with a rich history it's been here for almost three thousand years. the
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the mass is a time for reflection for prayer for solace a time when the community comes together the. christians are a minority in iraq and over the years through wars attacks and most recently isis advances more and more have left the country and now yet again a different kind of conflict iraqi forces and the kurdish peshmerga turn their guns on each other. we just want safety either from this side or the other that's all we need what have our children done to deserve this they can't sleep at night for fear of being attacked what sins have we committed we're told that of course is one of three towns in the disputed territories that they're ok forces didn't retake in the recent operations now talks are ongoing between fanned out in erbil to try and figure out how to move forward but certainly there is a feeling of unease here people don't know how things are going to play out lara
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yousif is a cautious mayor and part of the kurdish routing k.g.b. party she tells us the only way to solve this is through dialogue he said when it's to billeted now that i still has gone but what is happening now is confusion instability and also fear especially from the shia militias who are fighting with the iraqi army if you want to talk publicly about the tensions between baghdad and our bill and those who do say the same thing. we are not part of this conflict we are the victims we don't care if. we are fine with the chaos is very good before the fall of saddam hussein the iraqi federal forces were here this is an issue between baghdad and curtis stone. there has been bloodshed over this land for centuries and carved into the mountain above all course the seventh century rabbi and her ms ministry has been attacked by both arabs and kurds throughout history one elderly gentleman tells us off camera these are critical times and no one can
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talk freely because no one knows what will happen the biggest victims are we the minorities he tells us we just want peace we are just a residue he says the residue of all our families who have already fled this land stephanie decker. in the nineveh plains. group of cattle and mayors has travelled to brussels to show support for the posed leader who is the more he along with four of his former ministers were arrested in brussels on sunday after spain issued an international arrest warrant a judge later freed them on bail madrid five poos demands government after it held the session referendum oust month spain says the vote was illegal the barber is in brussels and it sounds like the battle for cattle are now really heating up there where you are. absolutely sami there of been demonstrations counter-demonstrations and events since the referendum in catalonia
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today's been very busy earlier on i spoke to a delegation of cutter catalan business people who are talking to the european parliament or members of the european parliament saying that they're very worried about the economic impact suggesting that many hundreds of businesses have already decided to move their headquarters out of the region because of the uncertain at the same time of as you were saying there are around two hundred mayors who've traveled from catalonia to be here in brussels to lend their support to the sax president scullers push to mont joins by one of those mayors jordi so late who's a mare of a town in cats only called desdemona also a member of the european parliament here in brussels acting in your capacity as a man in catalonia firstly although yes you are a large group here in brussels how representative are you of the majority opinion
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in the region. well i'm a senior in favor of. international we are around eighty percent of the lay of that land other than for me a symbol of this and out of them around and that i committed to the right of the south of the national for the one year so we represent a lot of people about the problems here and your mission here today is what exactly we want to denounce the situation going on in the. political and judicial persecution not only to us or to the local elected because of the mayor's without sort of our pleasure to make government hard for foetuses now in jail the other harveys here in the vacuum we want to denounce a situation that by no means is a normal situation you name a democratic means. you're also a member of the european parliament there have been caused by some secession activists for the european union to get more involved what can they be doing. that
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we are very much disappointed with the reaction of the european institutions because they have sided completely by by the side of this man is a government they have by this that to see of mr high which is a side to aggression of repression instead of trying to find a political solution to what is a political problem and the institutions kept by this. they see them regarding the fight that some fundamental rights and fundamental utopian values i don't have to stay can get them here because these rights a little us have been have that right to political but dissipation and freedom of office speech. right to vote looks at our vote and be on the commission and citizens have to say regarding that we are also the european citizens we've got the ones who are citizens of european union and our rights must also be protected now the same time to. in brussels there's
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a delegation of the entrepreneurs from catalonia who are saying that the the what they call a legal vacuum is creating the prose the prospect of an economic recession in catalonia they're saying that it's the pro independent soit who are ignoring the constitution acting illegally and so on what do you say to that i say that what might. be going on in the spaniards is going to be as awful the pictures of police officers beating. voter suppression of citizens that harm samus of a member state and that harms. bases the democratic image and bases of space that case so it's it's not to. want to exercise our democratic rights that might harm the economy it's for the ones that want to prevent us to go down towards a size this right that might hurt. the stability of the country. thank you very
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much for your time or just a reminder that. put him on himself is still in brussels fighting the arrest warrants and possible extradition back to spain that process could take several months and between now and the resolution of that case there are likely to be lots more demonstrations of this kind in brussels all right thanks so much to the barber there the supreme court in papua new guinea has rejected an application to restore electricity food and water services to the man asylum detention center six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the formal straining run for certainly despite it being closed last week they say it's not safe for them to move to new accommodation in the local community i'm just international says the ruling puts the refugees lives in danger. is the lawyer representing the refugees he says the man had been stabbed by locals on silent. well know only it takes a long time for the appeals to be had but we will be able to file for us to play
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games and so that we will put in those of us by already. we will advise the court and we want to move that it is in the soonest possible that had been instances some . assaulting the asylum seekers tom has been. hospitalized. in ponds and saw that kind of amounts for us to live to be tried as they moved around within the community in the a common area and so. there is no guarantee that if they go on to. instances like this can happen to them or there is a sea of them not being able to be looked up. from the current dems in the senate to on the look in. water is being released from overflying reservoirs in vietnam to prevent more floods after typhoon damrey
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brought heavy rain rescuers say sixty nine people have been killed and thirty others are still missing tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes the storm is disrupting preparations for a regional economic summit that will be attended by the presidents of the u.s. russia and china. hong kong's top court is allowing three democracy activists to appeal against prison sentences. were released on bail last month they were jailed for up to eight months in august for organizing mass protests in two thousand and fourteen and the activists say many protesters are still in prison. other than the three of us there are also many political prisoners who are in jail or about to get sentenced and these individuals really need the support from the people of hong kong we really hope and urge the people of hong kong to help these individuals or organizations that provide support for political prisoners philippine government says its war on drugs is producing
4:42 pm
results the rates are on the rise with a large number of deaths linked to police operations. dogon reports. philippines. charlie genes last message to her mother was when a pope and redemption she was an only child and had become pregnant at the age of fourteen but she was optimistic about her future on the twenty third charlie sheen was asleep in your boyfriend's house when police came knocking that operation left five people dead including charlie sheen her boyfriend aaron and their unborn child the family called. the police say they were responding to a distress call and that parent's group was involved in assassinations and illegal drugs. i don't believe. she was just a child the neighbors heard her begging for her life she was saying please don't
4:43 pm
shoot me i'm pregnant please just let me leave the house i saw her body at the morgue her eyes were open i couldn't recognise her across the country these have become familiar scenes children are killed in police operations last year the government says it will make those was possible accountable but not a single conviction has been made the philippine government says president would be good to attend to spite against crime is being effective as a result the number of what they call index crimes such as kidnapping and theft have all gone down but home asides continue to rise and the government is unable to explain why according to the commission and human rights that is because deaths related to the war on drugs and those killed in police operations have been classified as either homicide cases or deaths under investigation thus the
4:44 pm
government has been disputing claims that extra judicial killings committed by the state have surpassed the ten thousand mark. government is really in the naive. about the. human rights crisis that is currently. being faced by so many people on the ground but even president dare to admits he is unable to control the police force if the before the break then are involved in any good i think it is then that means that we will not be able to achieve and enjoy the peace that is being enjoyed now in the movie. but for the families of those like charlie geno have been killed in police operations there can be no peace without justice. duggan of the visit to lose on northern philippines. still to come on al-jazeera find out why international football friendlies may become a thing of the pauls. welcome
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back now world leaders and scientists are meeting in germany for the annual u.n. climate change conference many parts of the world are feeling the effects of rising sea levels extreme weather and floods cities are looking for ways to strengthen their defenses and they're turning to the netherlands for answers florence italy reports from rotterdam. a city which at its lowest lies six meters below sea level has for centuries had to work out how to keep the people dry if you didn't know how
4:47 pm
to do it nowadays you wouldn't even notice the wall at the end of the bridge is actually a levee against flooding the road raised above the level of the houses to keep the water from the other side the spaces they used as basketball courts and open air theatres but they're also huge basins to capture rainwater the thing they figured out is how to make flood defenses work for cities we must add quality to the city. and that can be done in an integrated ways so you can choose for a concrete wall but you also can choose for. a landscape in the shape of a levy with on top of it and that's that's an end in quality but it's also creating more flexibility. the netherlands was forced to address is geographic weakness in the one nine hundred fifty three when a huge storm pushed the north sea inland nearly two thousand people died they realized they had to do something enormous to protect the entire seaboard this giant barrier is the first line of defense for rotterdam it's like the dutch
4:48 pm
a full forty years after the great flood of nine hundred fifty three to complete the infrastructure necessary to keep the north sea out of the netherlands and of course river in rotterdam every day some of the projects are going on of course it's all underpinned by a belief that you have to work with the water rather than against it and of course the political will to make it happen. a stream in rotterdam the chinese are visiting being shown a pretty open space that's actually a flood base and they're impressed and want to copy it. because it's carefully designed we could use some of it in china we have already implemented some and we are hoping to work with the netherlands much more they are the only ones that the amsterdam was a conference thirty global may as a listening to the mayor of rotterdam tell them spending on prevention is far cheaper than having to evacuate their cities but if you do the math and you see the amount of money that you pay off to mass in the aftermath to repair the damage
4:49 pm
there will be i think more money than we spent at prevention. building a resilient system of water defense. in a year when hoost and found itself under water in the us president disavowed the powers climates a cold the overarching message is this even if you don't believe in climate change think of flood defense as a business opportunity the moment we didn't die we will die but the moment we embrace the opportunities also climate change brings up and we can see the value for our environment our people but also the economy for many people the evidence of twenty seventeen is that the terrifying prospect of the sea taking over is beginning to come true the better news is that the duchess figured out at least some of the answers and very many others are listening to lawrence li al jazeera role to them. all right sports fans andy is here with all of that means hopefully some sports australia's most famous horse race has turned into a contest between
4:50 pm
a father and son from ireland the one hundred fifty seventh melbourne cup was won by rekindling trained by young irish trayner joseph o'brien known as the race that stops a nation the event is the world's richest see my handicap it's worth close to five million dollars we can link just edged out your house for a mere just trying by joseph father adan max dynamite finished making it a one two three for irish trained horses o'brien is the youngest ever trying to win the race well this was a second race victory for australian jockey cory brown. morris this breaks us and i honestly i can't believe it like it said to drain even destroyed in the race for the coming and we did again it's just. my it's the way our muscle words are honestly last words. will champion jockey to ameria didn't get to ride in the race after being involved in a big fall earlier in the day here escaped serious injury but his horse legal monica died following that incident. telling n.b.a.
4:51 pm
champions the golden state warriors have beaten the miami heat ninety seven to eighteen a rare low scoring outing and the brooklyn nets ended a four game losing streak with a win over the phoenix suns the suns devon booker past three thousand career points during this game can prevent his team losing ninety eight to eighty two. football's world governing body is considering a huge shake up of the international game fifty foot believe europe's new nations league could become a global tournament many of the world's top footballers are on international duty right now taking part in friendly matches but for next year the nations league will see most friendlies disappearing from the fixture list instead european countries will take part in a competitive year round league event is in addition to the existing european championships and world cup all fifty five european cups european teams even will be divided. into four leagues a b. c. and d. a will contain the best teams and d.
4:52 pm
the lowest ranked league a will include the likes of germany portugal and spain with teams competing to be crowned the nations league champions countries will be promoted and relegated between the leagues similar to how domestic club competitions work each edition will begin in september of an even dated year will conclude the following year meaning a new champion is crowned every two years the competition also provide an alternative route into the european championships or his or sports correspondent lee wellings to explain the thinking behind this new league. long term it might be a good solution and i actually there are a lot of merits to this idea shows how we have to accept it's incredibly confusing and it's going to take time to set limbic is of course this competition move on similar tiniest way with things like in europe the qualification for major tolerance to two things happening effectively at the same time what does go yes is international friendlies i think we've outgrown there actually is seems a chore now with the rise of card football in a way and people actually miss card football when it goes in the international
4:53 pm
breaks come about yes it's really in pole where nations are trying to qualify for world cup or their domestic told them it's but actually we've got to a stage now where just any old international friendly isn't doing it for the public in most countries so you can see where they're trying to change things it's just a very complicated process and it will take time the other good thing about it i think is actually trying to make less mismatched games we've all become a little bit fed up of mismatch that's not disparaging at all to smaller countries that should get a chance ultimately of qualifying for big bold words but you don't want to see teams winning eight nine ten you know to make you know there's always a little bit of a concern that chile you'll find a major nation that's really failed in qualifying and doesn't deserve to qualify through this can be given a second chance is that fair i don't particularly think so if you failed you failed often out of friendlies go on and brazil are getting ready for games against japan
4:54 pm
and england if the team in france for the first of those games against japan brazil finished top of south american qualifying to reach next year's world cup in russia the players say they're desperate to banish the memory of that seven one semi far defeated germany in twenty ten. if you ask it seems. i think it would be good if the world cup started in a couple of weeks because we're all doing well in our club we are playing good football with confidence because we are in the middle of the season and at this point we're in good shape maybe in june it's going to be a little bit different because we would be a little tired so that could be a big difference in those preparations for the upcoming ashes series in australia have suffered a setback fast bowler stay finn is already on his way home finn is out of the five match series due to a knee injury and then have two more warm up games ahead of the first test in brisbane later this month and they're already getting used to the hostile atmosphere it's a great rival rivalry that we've got i mean i'm sure straight in players when they when they come to england have to prepare for the barmy army
4:55 pm
a little bit it's always sort of nice natured and good fun it's always say to the guys this is close as we get to being premier league football has been away from home you know it's exciting i think that it's a sport is looking for now sammy thanks so much and i'll just here is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein he's been in an egyptian prison for nearly a year he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny mahmoud has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. now and today is on demand instant digital world many libraries are finding it challenging shrugging off that stuffy silent image cutters new national library may show the way on tuesday when it opens as well as books it has computers a kid zone and coffee all part of the country's effort to refocus its economy from matheson reports when emotions are reduced to remote use and
4:56 pm
a handful of tweeted letters scattered across the internet can inspire the world or plunge it into despair words have weight and print is still powerful. if you recall the first word in the qur'an is read i think that that's really going to be leading the people to use this library to operate and to understand the resources in a region in a country that has a long tradition of loving the written words this is qatar's new national library these shelves can hold around one point two million books racks of history fiction and reference sit alongside computers music studios three d. printers stages for musical and feared her performances and on a lower floor out of direct sunlight ancient texts for researchers to study this is the heritage library it's got over twenty six thousand printed books over
4:57 pm
four thousand nine you scripts it's got over thirty thousand photographs and over twelve hundred mums but the staff here at the library know that if they wanted to be a success they have to appeal to a different type of reader as well children to do that they're banishing what used to be a basic requirement in libraries silence we think of our library as. a noisy place so it's a noisy children's library and we encourage children to express themselves however they feel we believe in learning through play and this is why you can find a lot of toys here in the library that supported their cognitive development in addition to their love of reading. since the one nine hundred seventy s. economy has been driven by its vast oil and gas reserves but eventually those will start to shrink the new qatar national library as part of a plan to move the economy to one based largely on knowledge and education but this
4:58 pm
is a tremendous investment and it's an investment not just in this building but it's an investment in education and research for the country i think it's got a huge role to play in creating the next generation of of readers students and we hope leaders too for the staff of the new national library the printed word either real or in cyberspace is key to qatar's future rob matheson al-jazeera. for this show about. to be a child is to be innocent and carefully but it comes to an abrupt end at the burden of younger children. with a mother behind bars for siblings misspend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border
4:59 pm
a witness documentary at this time al-jazeera. thanks. thanks. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the moment where we hear allies that nothing worse first will be in the way the devastating
5:00 pm
impact to save the banks means also to save the deposits in the recession and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn the less i go or from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera . i would use iraq. with and for us. to off told from saudi arabia as it accuses iran of one could be an act of war and takes aim at love in the.


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